Overhead Cranes

Double Girder Overhead Cranes
Cap 30 Ton
Girder BOX
Span 15.5 mtr

Single Girder Overhed Travelling Cranes
Hitachi wirerope hoist cap 2 T

Single Girder Overhead Cranes 10 Ton
span 22 mtr
Lift : 7.6 m
Girder  : BOX...

Single Girder Overhead Cranes 
Cap 5 Ton 
Lift : 6 m
Span 23 mtr 

Single girder OHTC cranes
Cap 1 Ton with Pawell Electric Chain Hoist 
Cap 5 Ton With...

Manual Overhead Cranes 
Single Girder 
All operated by manual 
Kawasaki Manual...

Double Girder OTHC 
Very Low Head Room
With HITACHI electric wire rope Hoist 

3.2 Ton OHTC  with PAWELL wirerope hoist
Lifting 6 mtr 
Heavy duty Fem 2 M...

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