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DC Transfer Car are used to move heavy material across floors, typically in factories
Used to move heavy material across floors, typically in factories, there are two types: Non-Steerable and Steerable Transfer Car.
Menjamin operasi Cranes yang halus tanpa hentakan, lancar dan berperfoma tinggi, awet dan bebas perawatan
An overhead crane consists of parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap. A hoist, which serves as the lifting component of a crane, travels along the bridge.
Gantry cranes are a type of crane built on top of a gantry, which is a structure used to straddle an object or workspace. They are also called Portal Cranes.
Semi gantry cranes are a special type of crane that combines the the design of an overhead bridge crane with that of a motorized gantry crane.
Under Running or Under Hung Overhead Cranes are popular because they can be hung from the ceiling or roof of a building, thereby saving floor space.
The monorail/monorel system is an economical choice for lifting and transporting materials along a predefined track.