DC transfer car

DC transfer car
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are used to move heavy material across floors, typically in factories
There are two types: non-steerable and steerable. Non-steerable transfer cars,
which came first, are typically rail mounted, handle high capacities , and
are used to transfer material between crane bays, thus avoiding side loading of hoists .
Steerable transfer cars have wheels and can be directed anywhere in a production area.

Transfer car is a kind of handling car which is mounted on the rail.
In the modern factory, the transfer car is widely used for transfer raw materials 
or equipment among the different bays or warehouses in the factory.
Transfer cars can be divided into the following types according to the supply power mode:
Motorless transfer car  In order to save the production cost, many lines such as machinery,
shipbuilding, heavy industry, metallurgy begin to adopt this new transfer tool in the factory. 
Motorized DC transfer car power supply mode include: low voltage battery , 
It is carry battery and move or steerable 

It is convenient and utility.

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